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Thermoflex Frosty Plus Glossy Clear HTV Vinyl

cookie community cookie decorating cookie stencils heat transfer vinyl htv silk screen silk screen materials silkscreen stencils stencil materials Jan 15, 2021

Cookiers! The time has finally come! A heat transfer vinyl that is fantastic for cookie stencils! Let me tell you a little bit about this htv, which one you're looking for (it's easy to grab the wrong one) and what's so special about it. Cookier, Oralia Lloyd told me about it and I am going to tell you. Thanks Oralia!

I did a video tutorial to teach Colorful Cookie Club members how to edit photos using multiple ways to design a cookie stencil and also a coordinating cookie cutter from a black and white image. I used a photo of myself to create my stencil. If you want to learn to design cookie stencils and cookie cutters, consider joining us! 


What is this product? 

This heat transfer vinyl is called Thermoflex Plus Frosty Clear Glossy. It is a mouth full, especially when you're trying to say it over and over again! I used to recommend another Thermoflex Frosty HTV option, but it was difficult to weed (remove the parts you want the royal icing to go through).


Food Safety

Although food safety is never a conversation I love having. I don't debate with people. I have done tons of research on it. It is a topic of debate that will never be agreed upon and that is ok. I always say, "Do your research and use what is acceptable to you." Thermoflex Frosty Clear Glossy is made of polyurethane and so is the adhesive. There is a ton of scientific research on GRAS, food contact and the safety of using polyurethane as it comes into contact with food in machines that manufacture food, food packaging, and even polyurethane that is a coating for wood items in your kitchen. It is CPSIA certified as well, so no lead or phthalates. Here is some info you can read to make an informed decision on the use of this product based on your business or hobby. You can also email or call the company and they are very helpful with any questions you may have.

Frosty Clear Glossy Info Sheet 

Info on Polyurethane and Food Contact 


What Do I Purchase? 

To purchase this fantastic HTV, you can head on over to the website from HERE. Here is the catch though! You need to make sure you are paying attention to the item number and the measurements of the HTV you are purchasing. You want to make sure you click on the color so it is 01-Frosty Clear Glossy, and the size so it's set to 12in x 15 in if you want the pre-cut sheets. (See picture below for how your screen should look once they are selected).  This is the most important part because you want to make sure you're receiving the HTV that has the sticky carrier sheet. 

Overall, this vinyl performs very well, lasts a long time and is my favorite choice when creating silkscreen stencils. Weeding the clear vinyl is my least favorite thing to do, but this one is super easy to weed and there is no frustration. A plus in my book! Remember...if you use htv, you will need a teflon sheet and source of heat. Click  HERE and HERE for more instructions and everything you need in other helpful blog posts. 


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