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LIVE with Chef Tiffany! French Macarons for Kids and Beginners

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The Kids Cooking School


Chef Tiffany from The Kids Cooking School joined The Colorful Cookie for a Facebook LIVE with a French macaron lesson.

Chef Tiffany is the founder of The Kids Cooking School, a non profit cooking school for kids. Her mission is to teach kids to love cooking with real food. Anything that helps kids learn new things, offers encouragement, and builds their self esteem is a win in my book! I am a former elementary teacher and I love kids so much! 

You all know I love cookies too! One of my favorite cookies is the French macaron, NOT to be confused with the macaroon cookie made with coconut and egg whites(I love those too though!) The French macaron is one of the most delicious cookies on the planet, besides decorated sugar cookies, of course! Macarons are crunchy on the outside and fluffy soft on the inside. To top it off, they are chewy, come in a pair and filled with yummy buttercream! 




Thank goodness Chef Tiffany shared some of the challenges of baking macarons and how to overcome them. We learned that macs are finicky. It’s takes practice to get them right.  Her number 1 tip is to always weigh your ingredients with a scale. It’s important to stir the mac mixture a certain way and even pipe the mixture a certain way. Did you know that "macaronage" is a french term that means the action of mixing the batter a certain way. She even shows us how to know the right time to stop mixing the egg whites and when to put them in the oven because they need to set and form a skin on the top after piping.

And remember... If your macs grow feet, you have a successful cookie! Did you ever think about this? It is kind of funny. A lot of the describing words for macs are human terms like feet, skin, and the other word they call the top of the freshly piped mac LOL

Learn more about Chef Tiffany's Kids Cooking School HERE. It is a wonderful opportunity to instill a love for cooking and baking in kids. They can log into the website anytime to watch the video tutorials. Chef Tiffany is amazing! It’s also fun for parents and grandparents to join in the fun and bake with the kids too!  There are in person and online classes available and a Facebook group for parents and grandparents to communicate and learn about what is going on in classes. 

We hope you enjoy this LIVE tutorial and if you make macarons, tag us on Facebook. We want to see!

                    Be sure to grab your recipe and mac template downloads HERE 

The downloads contains Chef Tiffany’s macaron recipe and two macaron templates to go under your parchment paper or Silpat as a guide for piping. This is another download for you from The Colorful Cookie. Download two royal icing/chocolate transfer templates to add some decoration to your macs.



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