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Turn Clipart into a Coordinating 4th of July Stencil & Cutter Set

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Did you catch the LIVE on Thursday, June 17th with The Colorful Cookie and Sam's Cookie Company? If not, here it is! Sam and I both enjoy teaching people how to design, so we combined efforts to bring you this fun 4th of July tutorial!

In The Colorful Cookie Club, the focus of our learning is stencil and cookie cutter design using many different types of software. Sam is a member of the club and she introduced me to Bella very early on. I loved it!! Sam and her husband, Augusto, are pros when it come to Fusion 360. They are the creators of the Auto Desk Fusion 360 add-in called Bella and teach people how to use it to design amazingly fast cookie cutters. Check out her Facebook group HERE.

In our LIVE tutorial, I show how to use Silhouette Studio to turn clipart into a coordinating stencil for the cutter that Sam creates in Fusion 360 with Bella. Silhouette Studio is the absolute best software to use to design and have total creative freedom. If you are not aware, you can design in Silhouette Studio and upload into Cricut Design Space then cut on your Cricut machine. Bella is the easiest and fastest way to design a cookie cutter. To get a better idea of what Bella is and why you may need it, you can watch Sam use it during the LIVE. She used Fusion 360 and the amazing Bella add-in to create the 4th of July cutter. Bella is one of the fastest ways to make really nice and strong cookie cutters. It's as easy as SKETCH, CLICK, DONE!  As a bonus, we are providing the stencil and cutter files for you in the link below!

If you're interested in learning more or purchasing Bella, shopping Sam's store for stl files, visit Sam's Cookie Company Website.

Enrollment is currently open inThe Colorful Cookie Club until Monday, June 21st. It is only open a couple of times per year. Our club offers many design tutorials for Silhouette Studio, Cricut Design Space, Procreate, specific silk screen and traditional bridged cookie stencil cut and application settings, Prusa slicer install and configurations, stencil and cutter downloads, and on top of it all... a helpful community to support you as you level up your cookie business. 

Learn more about The Colorful Cookie Club.

Visit The Colorful Cookie on Facebook for all kinds of fun tips and  information of cookie decorating and design tips.

Remember to join our Amazing Cookie-A-Thon Facebook group and get in on this friendly cookie community who shares all kinds of decorating ideas, tips and information too!

If you'd like the files that Sam and I created, download the stencil (I made my own version of the word STRIPES) and cutter HERE.

Happy Designing,


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