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LIVE with the Colorful Cookie and Laura Saporiti Pastry and Cake Art

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Laura Saporiti, Laura Saporiti Pastry and Cake Art, was a recent guest of mine on The Colorful Cookie Facebook page. Laura is an Italy based International pastry chef and cake & cookie artist, with a past as Fine Arts student and as University researcher of History of art, who loves to travel the world teaching her passion, on a mission to raise the professional consciousness of the art of decorating. 
We had the absolute best lesson on "Perfect Cookies- Baking and Ingredients Science, Perforated Mats and All the Secrets". Laura was so informative!  She explained the whys and how of cookie baking. I learned so much and everyone else did too! We talked about oven temps, adding ingredients in a certain order, types of flour, quality of butter, sugar, gluten, eggs, spreading, texture of cookies, shortbread cookies, and so much more!  We learned how to bake the perfect sugar cookie! Laura is a wealth of information for cookiers!
Watch the video above or on The Colorful Cookie Facebook page (you can even watch if you don't a Facebook account) and learn some things about the science of baking! If you sign up for her newsletter, she will send you a handout called, "The Science of Cookie Baking", just for The Colorful Cookie viewers and discount code for one of her online classes. You must confirm your subscription after signing up to receive emails, so be sure to check your junk mail if you don't see the confirmation email. Sign up HERE with our special link.
Find Laura at the links below and let her know you enjoyed her presentation!
Here is a link to the perforated mats we discussed: 
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