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Dough Sheeter for the Win!

cookie dough dough sheeter Feb 16, 2021


Wow! I have never used a dough sheeter until I bought this one. Besides being able to design custom cookie stencils and cookie cutters for decorated sugar cookies, this is another BIG game changer!

This dough sheeter is AHH-mazing! If you decorate sugar cookies, it is perfect! The sheeter rolls many thicknesses from thin to thicker sugar cookies and it is fast! Save those hands, wrists, arms and elbows! This sheeter way less than the cost of trips to the dr office or surgery from rolling too much dough. Instead of rolling too much dough manually, this will literally help you be "Rolling in the dough!" 😀

Customer service is excellent and if you have questions, Denys is quick to respond and help you. He has given The Colorful Cookie readers a $25 off coupon! I can't believe how easy and fast it is to roll the perfect thickness of cookie dough! If your least favorite part of cookie decorating is rolling dough or you need to make tons of cookies quickly, this dough sheeter is for you. It is AWESOME!! 

I ordered this dough sheeter from Doughsheeters on Etsy. This company offers terrific customer service and shipping was fast. Here are links to each sheeter. There is an electric sheeter and also 2 different sizes of manual sheeters available. 

Electric  Dough Sheeter 19.7" 110V  This is the one I have.

 Manual Dough Sheeter 19.7”

Manual Dough Sheeter 15.7”

Here is the link to Doughsheeters Facebook and Instagram  pages with more reviews and information.

Here is a shout out to a fellow baker! Look at what @oakcliffbread did with their sheeter. This sheeter rolls so many different thicknesses, it is for all bakers. This is genius to really maximize the size of the sheet of dough. And take a look at his artisan bread. It looks so yummy! If you go to the Dallas Farmer's Market, you can pick some up.


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