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Using Drawing Apps for Stencil and Cookie Cutter Design

Jun 23, 2019

Are you using Procreate or another drawing app to make stencil and cookie-cutter designs yet? I am just learning to use a few of the many drawing apps available and LOVING them! I am one of those people who can never learn enough about new technologies! My brain is on overload most of the time. I am not sure how much more I can put in there!

I have used Procreate, Adobe Draw, Adobe Sketch, and Sketchbook on my iPad to design stencils. I still need practice, but I get better each time I use them. All of these apps except Procreate are available for desktop use too. Procreate is a paid app for iPad and iPhone. The others are available for free. I use them on my iPhone, but it is a little more difficult because of the small screen. I am learning new tricks to make my drawings better every time I use them. These drawing apps have a variety of places to tap on the screen and make magical things happen! It is easy to design and upload your digitized drawings right to your cutting software! There are many other drawing apps too, but these are the apps that I use.

I recently designed a few stencils for my upcoming in-person classes. You can see those designs on my Facebook Page Events. I drew the puppy PYO(Paint Your Own) in the photo below and did a LIVE in the club to show how I made super fast bridges. I also digitized some hand-lettered designs that club members submitted as shown above. We even had Dieter from L2C3D Printing design a matching cookie cutter for us from one of them. I used Silhouette Studio and Cricut Design Space software to turn them into stencils for our Shared Stencil Drive. It was so fast and easy!

Did you know that you can turn your drawings into stencils and cookie cutters? See the taco cutter below? That took about 30 seconds to draw and then I uploaded it and designed a cutter using Silhouette Studio software(the FREE version works if you have a Silhouette Alta). If you are using Procreate or another drawing app, let me know what you are doing with it. Which one is your favorite? Which one do you find easy to use? If you aren’t using it, you should try it! Comment below and let us know. We really want to know if there are other apps we should try.

If you are interested in joining The Colorful Cookie Club fun, check us out. You will enjoy it and learn so much about designing!




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