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LIVE Tutorial with Katrina from Dots and Bows Designs

christmas cookie decorating cutting tools holiday pyo silhouette studio silkscreen stencils stencil materials tutorial weeding Dec 17, 2020

On December 9th, I went LIVE with Katrina from Dots and Bows! What better way to share the Christmas spirit than to participate in her 12 Days of Christmas? We talked about designing a silk screen stencil in Silhouette Studio using Katrina's artwork. 

In this LIVE we covered so many different things that are useful whether you are new to silk screen stencils, need a refresher, or even just looking for some new tricks. We go over uploading an image, tracing, and adding to a stencil frame. We also discuss cutting, weeding, and heat pressing! 

We used Katrina's cute little moose to turn it into a Merry Christmoose stencil. Download the free Merry Christmoose silk screen stencil from this link on Dots and Bows website. It is a silk screen stencil that doesn't require any bridging and can be used as a PYO or a piping guide!

We also discuss different types of silk screen materials that you can use as well. One of the newest and my FAVORITE is the Thermoflex Plus Frosty Clear Glossy. Many thanks to cookier, Oralia Lloyd for sending me the info about this vinyl! It is so easy to weed. It has a sticky carrier sheet to keep those pesky little counters in place. You will want to make sure that you purchase the 01 Frosty Clear Glossy with the sticky carrier sheet, NOT the 02 Frosty Clear.

You will also need silk screen materials, which you can learn more about in our blog post HERE

To check out our LIVE video and watch me designing and using the stencil we made, click on the picture below! 




Download my Free PDF to find out what you need to start cutting cookie stencils!

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