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Clean Those Little Bits of Stencil Material Off of Your Cutting Mat

Feb 19, 2020


If you design and cut your own cookie stencils, you will totally relate to this blog post. If you are thinking about designing and cutting cookie stencils, you will want to keep this handy little tip in mind.

Have you ever wondered how to get all those extra little bits of stencil material off of your cutting mat after you’ve cut a detailed traditional stencil? Do all those extra little bits of stencil material that are left on your mat drive you crazy? Me too! But, if you have the right tool, it’s easy to clean your mats off!

When I cut a stencil, I like to lift it right off the mat and have a perfectly cut out design. I do not want to spend time picking out a million tiny pieces of stencil material that may not have completely cut out. I want my stencil to cut cleanly. I know you do too! You want all those tiny pieces to stick to the mat and be left behind. However, what you leave behind on the mat can be a pain to clean off if you don’t have the right tool to do the job. So many people have asked me how to easily remove what is left behind.

I’m going to share a tip with you! Let me tell you about my favorite tool that I use to clean my mat: it’s a highly sophisticated tool called a…wait for it…bench scraper! The best part is, it’s super affordable and from my favorite store, Dollar Tree😃 For $1, you can clean your mats so quickly and easily! Any bench scraper will do, but if you want to dedicate one to keep in your cookie room, head to Dollar Tree. Grab one or two(one for now, one for later and another one for a stencil cutting friend). They will thank you!

Watch the video of me using my scraper to remove the stencil material from my mat. There is a trick to it and you’ll want to BE CAREFUL not to flip one of those pieces of stencil material toward your face. They can injure you. For reals! One of my club members got a piece lodged in her eye and had to have surgery to remove it. Proceed with CAUTION. (You can also find safety goggles at Dollar Tree! Never thought you’d need safety equipment for this, did you?) Safety goggles may be a good idea. You’ll need to hold the scraper at a low angle and scrape gently away from you and those bits will come right off! If you scrape too hard though, it will scrape the top of the mat off in areas so reel in some of your super strength for this task. Try not to get carried away! Light scrapes will do.

You can find many more tips and tricks like this when you join us in The Colorful Cookie Club Facebook group. When you join the club, you’ll have access to 350+ video tutorials(almost 400 now!) and brilliant hacks from me and your fellow cookiers. If there’s something cookie or stencil or cutting machine related that you’re struggling with, we will have an answer for you or we’ll figure it out together!



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