Decorate Your Arkon Mount!

Feb 03, 2021


I decided to decorate my Arkon Mounts! Why not??  We are decorators. We love to decorate things! Mostly cookies :0) Things are always more fun when we add our own personal touch to them. I love my Arkon Mounts even more...if that is possible! I could not do what I love to do without them and that is teach cookiers new and fun things like designing cookie stencils and cookie cutters!

I went LIVE in The Colorful Cookie Club Facebook group and showed club members how to cut the template on a cutting machine and decorate one of my mounts. Then I went LIVE in the Cookie-A-Thon Facebook group with Aaron, The Arkon Man, and showed how to assemble a mount, connect a pico, talked about how I use my mounts to go LIVE and record designing tutorials for The Colorful Cookie Club. Then I showed how to cut the vinyl on my Cameo that I used to decorate my mount and applied it to my Arkon Mount. If you decorate your Arkon Mount, be sure to tag @thecolorfulcookie and @arkon so we can...

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